Editing an existing page

On the right side of almost any page you can see a box called page. If you click on the link called edit you will be taken to a new page.

The content of the page will all be shown in text form. You can edit and add as much as you like.

Then add a comment about the changes you made in "Optional comment about this change" and press Save changes button.

Creating a new page

When editing a page you can write [:new link name]. For instance [:Sen no Rikyu]. If there is a page called Sen no Rikyu this will become a link to that page. If not the link will appear grey. If you click on this link you will be shown a page with "Create new empty page" link near the top. Click on this and the page will be created and you can edit it as above.

Note: When creating a new page it is best if it start with a capital letter. If you want to have it showing in the text without a captial letter do [:Kensui:kensui]. That page will be called Kensui, but the text shown in your text will be kensui.

Links and Name

We try to make a link to any word at least the first time it is mentioned on every page. It does not need to be linked ever time it is used. Think of making a link as much the same as writing the meaning in () behind the word. Also please make the first letter of any word in a link capital. So it is Shokyaku not shokyaku.

Shokyaku wipes of the Chawan. Then put the Chawan on left palm and turn it, so that the front of the Chawan is towards Shokyaku. Then Shokyaku turns towards Jikyaki, and Jikyaku turns towards Shokyaku. Both Shokyaku and Jikayku turns back. Shokyaku bows while Jikyaku lifts the Chawan in apriciation.

should be written:

Shokyaku wipes of the Chawan. Then put the chawan on left palm and turn it, so that the front of the chawan is towards shokyaku. Then shokyaku turns towards Jikyaku, and jikyaku turns towards shokyaku. Both shokyaku and jikayku turns back. Shokyaku bows while jikyaku lifts the chawan in apriciation.

Want to learn more?

If you want to learn more about formatting or functions of this system you can click on HelpContents on the right side of your screen in the Wiki box.

Does wiki work as a tool to make a encyclopaedia? Take a look at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Main_Page it has more than 625.000 articles, all contributed by users and maintained by users. Would it not be nice if we could make a tea encyclopaedia together?

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