Procedures of invitation
  • Theme possibilities
    1. seasonal plus
    2. literate: poetics, Noh, history

    3. personal: happy or sad occasions
  • Timing:
    • One month before chaji, send invitation OR
    • One month before chaji, make arrangement by phone; send invitation. At least two weeks before chaji, reconfirm (by phone)

    Text / form of invitation to Shokyaku:

  • (written on a roll of washi- maki-gami, in brush/ink, folded and sealed):

    1. seasonal greetings, how much the Teishu is looking forward to having them, etc

    2. must say: "socha ippuku sashiagetai to zonjimasu" 粗茶一服 差し上げとうございす/ 上げたいと思います (I want to serve you a simple bowl of tea) somewhere in the letter
    3. other Guests (Renkyaku 連客*), should be added at end, after addressee's name:

      • Teishu decides mix, sends each an invitation with Guest list or

      • Shokyaku asked to bring (how many) other Renkyaku, informs Teishu and other Guests of the choice

    4. place- add map seperately if they do not know the location
    5. time- seki-iri means the time to enter the seki, literally; Guests should be expected anytime from 15-30 minutes early, especially if in bad weather
    6. date written and sent
      • Teishu your name- small, at bottom of letter

      • Guest / Addressee- at top of letter, large, with -sama, -sensei, etc.

    7. Sending / answering- decide by phone then send letter to provide details and leave a memory
    8. Zenrei / Mizuya Mimai- Shokyaku goes to Teishu's home/ teahouse to check route, that the house is still there, that there are no funerals, roadwork, etc in the neighborhood. This is time to bring mizuya mimai, orei, etc.


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