Shifuku on a chaire

Shifuku are small pouches made of silk made to protect the item in question. Each shifuku is specially made for that particular item. Chaire always have at least one shifuku and it is not unusuall for old Chaires to have two or three. In some of the Chabako and higher level Temaes the Chawan also have a shifuku. In Chabako the Chashaku will sometimes also be in a shifuku.

Main fabrics types- meibutsu-gire 名物

Shifuku on a chaire


The Senke Jusshoku (Ten Craftsmen for the Sen family) for sewing is Tsuchida Yuko 土田友湖. Other places that do shifuku are Tokusai, Tatsumura, and many private persons Shifuku on a chaire

The cord of the shifuku is sometimes very long. This is called a NagaO. Especially Daikai will always have a long cord on their shifuku.


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