Te-shoku 手燭 use

At a Yobanashi (winter evening) tea, te-shoku (hand-held candle sticks) are used to light the Guests' way to the teahouse, and at the Tsukubai, with making and drinking Koicha and with Kaiken of Kogo, Chawan, Chaire, etc. The Teishu enters with Haiki or Kensui and te-shoku, closes door, then proceeds and sets te-shoku, handle toward self, where it will illuminate the Temae-za. When Kogo, Chaire, Chashaku and Shifuku or chashaku and Usuki are placed out, Teishu takes handle in left hand, gives ring to right which places it out next to and Geza of utensils. In 8 mat room Yobanashi, it is easiest on Guests to use a Raku teabowl for Koicha because Kobukusa, Teabowl and te-shoku are difficult to juggle. Te-shoku goes between 1st and 2nd Guest when 1st guest drinks, then 2nd and 3rd as 2nd drinks, etc. Same at Haiken time - teshoku below/between persons doing it.

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