Thin tea

Use about 2g, or 1.5 Chashaku scoops of Matcha. Add water at about 80 degree celcius, and wisk. Urasenke prefers a light green foam on top, while Omotesenke does not.


Urasenke group their temae into groups of Kyojo (permission of study). After recieving a a certain kyojo the student can start recieve teaching about the temae covered by that Kyojo.

The kyojo are requested by a students teacher. They are written by Kyojo-bu at Urasenke headquarters in Kyoto on behalf of Oiemoto. With the Kyojo a student is given a membership card in Urasenke. There is a fee for getting a Kyojo. The fee is considerably lower for people outside Japan than inside Japan. Some of the fee is keept by the local teacher.


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